Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hi everyone!

Thank you for your undying support towards Fabulosity on Earth for these whole time. We really appreciate all of you! So, we have decided to extend our clearance sale till END OF DECEMBER THIS YEAR! WOOOHOOO~ The items from Promotion Sale are also included in the Clearance Sale. However, if you would like to purchase only 1 item, it is still fixed at RM25.00 only (of course, excluding the postage fee).

We also will have this promotion where those who bought item total of RM100 and above will receive FREE DELIVERY. Not only that, we will also give out 10% OFF on total purchase above RM50 ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE! How convenient is that!

Most of you also have enquired on our Loyalty Points Programme. We are very sorry cause we couldn't start the Loyalty Points Programme this year due to several technical errors. The programme will still be done but starting next year. So, we hope all of you will stay with us.

That's all from us and hope you will enjoy shopping at Fabulosity on Earth.

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