♣ FAQs ♣

1. How to do I make order from your website?
    Easy. Follow these steps by clicking this link --> How to Make Order

2. Can I reserve the item?
    Yes. But, we will only hold onto it for 3 days only. If we haven't receive any 
    payments from you, we will release the item without further notice. 
    However, if you do have any problems in making payment, do not hesitate 
    to contact us as we always prioritize our customers' needs first.

3. What is the difference between pre-order and ready stock items?
    Ready stock items are basically the stocks that we have in our hand now 
    and it is available to be delivered anytime. As for pre-order items, it is 
    basically stocks that need to be ordered directly from the factories and 
    stocks will only arrive approximate 3-4 weeks time after the closing date
     of our monthly pre-order batch.

4. Why does it take 3-4 weeks time for the items to arrive? Others provide 2 
    weeks time only. Can't you accelerate our orders even if it's urgent?
    The reason why we choose this time frame is because sometimes customs 
    might hold our items. Usually, it takes at least 3-7 working days to settle 
    such matter. So, to avoid disappointment during delivery time, we have 
    decided to choose 3-4 weeks time. This also includes the stock checking/ 
    quality check (QC) prior to delivery. So, if you can't wait, we will suggest 
    you to find other place that offers shorter waiting time.

5. When is your closing date of pre-order batch?
    It is on the 28th of every month. Unless, there is some changes, we will 
    inform it immediately in our Miscellaneous label.

6. Is it possible to make refunds/ return the items?
    No. Unless on certain cases such as missing decorations, out of stock items,
    unremovable stains etc. Do check out our Exchange Policy.

7. I'm interested in doing wholesale purchase. May I know if you do provide 
   such service?
   Yes, we do. You can personally contact us by sending us an email to 
   fabulosity.on.earth@gmail.com or joyceliang87@gmail.com for more details.

8. How to make payments?
    Payments are made to our Maybank account. At the moment, we only have 
    1 account and are expanding our methods of payments to make your life 
    even convenient. To make payments to Maybank account, you can do it via 
    these methods:-
    a. Cash deposit machine: Only accept RM10 and RM50 notes. For eg.: You 
        want to make payment of RM67.00, thus, deposit RM70.00 into the cash 
        deposit machine.
    b. Over-the-counter: You can pay the exact amount here. Just remember to 
        bring along our Maybank account number, full name and contact number.
    c. Online transfer: Most convenient way. If you have registered for online 
        banking, we recommend you to use this method. Fast and convenient.

9. Do you send items to other countries, perhaps like Australia/ Singapore/ 
    Yes, we do. On certain occasion, we do receive orders from overseas. But, 
    we only accept in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) currency.

10. I see there is member's price in your post. How to join as a member?
      It's very easy. Simply go to our homepage and click the "Follow" button 
      under the Friends section. Once you've joined, do email us personally your 
      details so that we can give you the discounted price.

11. What are the benefits by joining as a member of Fabulosity on Earth?
     Of course you will enjoy lots of benefits! Once you've joined as a member, 
     you will automatically entitled for the member's price (which is basically 
     more than 5% off that we've promised to give you). Asides from that, you 
     will also enjoy the privilege of extended discount during our 
     sales/promotion periods! Which of course could reach 70% off!!! Not only 
     that, we will give out free mystery gifts to every 50th buyer. More are 
     coming, so just stay tune with us.

12. What if I have problems in making payment?
      Do contact us immediately so we can help you. Like we said before, our 
      customers' needs are our utmost priority.

13. Do you have Paypal as your method of payments?
     At the moment, no. Rest assure as we are expanding our methods of 
     payments now. Stay tune.

14. Do you provide Cash-on-Delivery (COD) service?
     Yes, we do. We only provide COD service at these areas:
     a. Serdang
     b. Seri Kembangan
     c. Putrajaya
     d. Cyberjaya

15. How do postage fee is being calculated?
     We basically estimated it and it is based on the items' weights and also 
     choice of delivery. Usually, Poslaju is more expensive than Poslaju parcel 
     as it is inclusive of 25% taxes and charges. Be reminded, these charges are
     by Pos Malaysia, NOT US.

16. The last time I checked, the rates for Poslaju parcel were cheap. Why is it 
     so expensive now? 
     Pos Malaysia has made some changes in the rates for Poslaju parcel, 
     effectively, in July 2010. So, basically it is out of our hand. We are very 
     sorry for the inconvenience caused.