Sunday, March 28, 2010

New postage method for you!!!

Hi again!

Thank you for shopping with us at Fabulosity on Earth! For the entire 3 months, we have received alot of responses from you regarding on our pre-order handbags. It was really nice of you to support us by buying our products. We would also like to thank all of you for having such an utmost patience with us. We really do appreciate it. WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS.

We know that some of you might ask why does the postage rate becomes expensive than before. Well, it is the charges from Poslaju courier itself. Just to clarify, the postage fee is on customers and not on us. We will never take advantages on the courier services as we believe that your supports by buying our products are very much appreciated. Because we do care about your needs (and value of money too), we present another method of delivery to all of you ----> POSLAJU PARCEL. It's cheaper than Poslaju but requires approximately 2-3 working days or perhaps 3-5 working days to reach your postage address. Again, patience is needed. Plus, Poslaju Parcel's weight can be up to maximum of 20kg!!! Unlike Poslaju itself which only limited to 2kg.

The parcel rates are shown as below:-
1. Within Peninsular Malaysia  Click Here!
2. To Sabah and Sarawak  Click Here!

Poslaju rates are shown as below:
1. Within Peninsular Malaysia Click Here!
2. To Sarawak Click Here!
3. To Sabah Click Here!  

****Please take note that for Poslaju method, the prices shown ARE NOT INCLUSIVE of 10% fuel surcharge, 10% handling charges and 5% tax. ****

For example: 
Postage fee to Sabah (1 kg) is RM11.00. However, this price is not included with the above mentioned charges. Taking that into account,
10% fuel surcharge: RM1.10
10% handling charges: RM1.10
5% tax: RM0.55
Total amount of postage fee to be paid is RM13.75.

Hope this will help you in deciding the appropriate postage method for each of you out there.
Have a nice day!!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mac-April: Pre-order clothing line

Hi again!

This time we will put up new clothing range but it's pre-order basis. So, check out the latest fashions of dresses, blouses, tops and bottoms from us at Fabulosity on Earth. We only give you the best in everything in terms of quality with cheap price ;) Wholesale purchase are welcomed too.

Click on this link below to see all of the latest fashions:-

Any enquiries, do email to us personally at or or leave us a message at our chatbox in our website here.

Thank you for supporting us and have fun with shopping at Fabulosity on Earth.

P/S: Do check out our promotion as well =)

Mac-April: Pre-order handbag items

Hi again!

These are the latest items for the month of Mac-April. However, if you are interested with other handbags from other albums and would like to order for that, do please to do so since all of these handbags are pre-order items. How good is that?!!

We would also like to announce that for the month of April, we will put up a promotion which entitles 15% discount for those who make a pre-order purchase of 4 items and above. To those purchasing above 8 items and above will also get an additional FREE DELIVERY!! So, why wait now? Gather all of your friends and families and order your favourite handbags here with us. Be reminded that pre-order purchases will end at 28th of every month. For example, Mac: due on 28 Mac 2010.

To those who are interested to do wholesale purchases, please message us personally at or or you may leave your personal message at our chatbox in our website here.

Click on the link below to view all of the handbags:-

Enjoy shopping with us =)

Pre-order handbags for Feb-Mac

Hi again!

Thank you to those who have ordered for our handbags in Jan-Feb album. To those who are still interested with the previous album, you can still order for it as all of the handbags are pre-order basis. So, don't worry if you think you have missed the due date ;)
The items below are for the month of Feb-Mac. Interested, just email to us personally the product code, quantity and colour of the item or you may fill up the form at the bottom of this page. Once we have confirmed your order, you will need to submit your full name, IC number, contact number, email address and address for the delivery and to email you the confirmation email.

So, why wait?? Choose your favourite handbags here now with us! ;) Click on the link below to see all of the handbags. You may add us at Facebook as well.

Thank you for shopping with us.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Latest postage rate (Poslaju)

Hi again.

Just want to brief regarding the postage rates via Poslaju.

Previous postage rates was as below:-
1. Within Peninsular: RM7.00 (max 2 bags) + RM2/bag
2. To Sarawak: RM10.00 (max 2 bags) + RM3/bag
3. To Sabah: RM11.00 (max 2 bags) + RM3/bag

Now, it has been updated and will only be enforced starting on the 3rd batch of pre-order items. The current postage rates are as follows:-

For handbags
1. Within Peninsular: RM7.00 (max 2 bags) + RM2/bag + 10% handling fee + 10% fuel surcharge and 5% GST
2. To Sarawak: RM10.00 (max 2 bags) + RM3/bag + 10% handling fee + 10% fuel surcharge and 5% GST
3. To Sabah: RM11.00 (max 2 bags) + RM3/bag + 10% handling fee + 10% fuel surcharge and 5% GST

For clothings
1. If items are 2 or below, preferable to use Posekspress: RM4.50
2. If above that, we will use this rates (within 1kg):-
    - Within Peninsular: RM7.00 (more 1kg, add RM1.00/250gm) + 10% handling fee + 10% fuel surcharge and 5% GST
    - To Sarawak: RM10.00 (more 1kg, add RM2.00/250gm) + 10% handling fee + 10% fuel surcharge and 5% GST
    - To Sabah: RM11.00 (more 1kg, add RM2.00/250gm) + 10% handling fee + 10% fuel surcharge and 5% GST

That's all for now.

Any enquiries, do personally send us an email at or Or, you may leave us a message at the chatbox in our website here.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

New pre-order handbags and clothings!!!!

Hi again!

It has been awhile since the last time we put up the latest products. Well, here comes the new ones. However, we will put up for the month of Feb-Mac and also Mac-April. All of these bags are with the latest designs.

Apart from that, we also offer pre-order purchases for clothings line. There are various fashion to be offered. We have jackets, long coats, tank tops, blouses, dresses and so on. Just check it out here!

We also offer promotion for the coming month. For pre-order purchases of 4 items and above will entitle 15% discount (excluded the postage fee). Purchases of items more than 8 will get free delivery plus the 15% discount from us. So, gather your peeps around and choose your favourites from Fabulosity on Earth boutique to get more discount!! How easy is that??
Once more, let us remind you that all of these items are pre-order items. Thus, it requires a period of time to arrive at our places prior to delivery to your addresses. Patience from your side is highly appreciated and we will do our very best here to expediate your pre-order purchases.

Last but not least, we also welcome wholesale purchases. Any enquiries regarding the products, do contact us personally to or you can just leave your message at our chatbox.

Have fun shopping with us at Fabulosity on Earth!!