Sunday, March 28, 2010

New postage method for you!!!

Hi again!

Thank you for shopping with us at Fabulosity on Earth! For the entire 3 months, we have received alot of responses from you regarding on our pre-order handbags. It was really nice of you to support us by buying our products. We would also like to thank all of you for having such an utmost patience with us. We really do appreciate it. WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS.

We know that some of you might ask why does the postage rate becomes expensive than before. Well, it is the charges from Poslaju courier itself. Just to clarify, the postage fee is on customers and not on us. We will never take advantages on the courier services as we believe that your supports by buying our products are very much appreciated. Because we do care about your needs (and value of money too), we present another method of delivery to all of you ----> POSLAJU PARCEL. It's cheaper than Poslaju but requires approximately 2-3 working days or perhaps 3-5 working days to reach your postage address. Again, patience is needed. Plus, Poslaju Parcel's weight can be up to maximum of 20kg!!! Unlike Poslaju itself which only limited to 2kg.

The parcel rates are shown as below:-
1. Within Peninsular Malaysia  Click Here!
2. To Sabah and Sarawak  Click Here!

Poslaju rates are shown as below:
1. Within Peninsular Malaysia Click Here!
2. To Sarawak Click Here!
3. To Sabah Click Here!  

****Please take note that for Poslaju method, the prices shown ARE NOT INCLUSIVE of 10% fuel surcharge, 10% handling charges and 5% tax. ****

For example: 
Postage fee to Sabah (1 kg) is RM11.00. However, this price is not included with the above mentioned charges. Taking that into account,
10% fuel surcharge: RM1.10
10% handling charges: RM1.10
5% tax: RM0.55
Total amount of postage fee to be paid is RM13.75.

Hope this will help you in deciding the appropriate postage method for each of you out there.
Have a nice day!!! :)

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