♣ Terms & Conditions ♣

Operation hour: 10a.m. - 10p.m. (from Monday-Friday)
Closing hour     : Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays 

  1. All sales made are FINAL. Therefore, we only want SERIOUS BUYERS. 
  2. Merchandises purchased are based on First Paid, First Serve Basis. 
  3. Payment must be made into our Maybank account within 3 working days after order has been placed. Payment can also be done via Maybank2u. 
  4. No cancellations, exchanges, refunds and reservations are entertained. 
  5. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damages that occurred during postage or after we had shipped your orders.
  6. Delivery of goods are only be made in Malaysia. 
  7. Colours may differ slightly due to lighting or different monitor settings, but we can guarantee that all of our goods are in top conditions.

  1. Go to our home page. 
  2. Click "Follow" button in the Friends section. 
  3. Inform us via email personally so that the next time you come, we will give you the discounted price ;)

  1. This system only applies to MEMBERS OF FABULOSITY OF EARTH. To those that haven't join as member, do join us now!!!
  2. Every RM2 spent will entitle 1 Loyalty Point (LP). This does not include postage fees.
  3. LPs MUST be redeemed within 3 months or else will return to 0. 
  4. Those that have made redemptions but still have LPs can be brought forward to the next cycle of LP collection. So, if you want it to be carried forward, please make your redeem as soon as possible!!
  5. Items of redemption can be any products from our website. To redeem the item, please follow this simple rule: RM2 = 1 LP. For example, you want to purchase a pair of shoes worth RM40.00, thus you should have 80 LP to redeem this item.
  6. All redemption items will be bore by us, so NO POSTAL FEE!!!
  7. To redeem, simply send us an email with title of email written as "REDEMPTION ITEM" and follow this format:
  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Product code(s)
  • Product's colour
  • Quantity
  • Price(s) of product(s)
  • Size(s) -- for shoes