Thursday, February 11, 2010

Promotion on 4 Jan-5 Feb has ended

Hi everyone, the promotion for our opening has ended few days ago. So, we would like to thank to all of you for supporting us here at Fabulosity on Earth.

For the handbags in Jan and Feb (D,BG,X and S series) are out of stocks. However, if you are still interested with the certain bags, you can still obtain it by putting a pre-order purchase. But, the order will only arrive within one month period. Therefore, we would like to remind all of you to be patient as we are doing our best to obtain the products for you. When we have received it, we will send a message to your contact number and mail your product to you.

A new line for handbags (pre-order basis) will be posted soon. So keep your eyes on our shopping blog as the latest ones would be stunning and cute~

If you have any enquiries, do please leave us a message in our chatbox or send an email personally to our email address. Thank you and have a nice day ahead.