Monday, September 13, 2010

Loyalty Point Programme

Hi again!!!

Sorry for being absent for the past few weeks. It's been a busy month for us here :) We hope you will still stay tune with us here at Fabulosity on Earth.

To those who are new here, we are currently having a huge SALE till end of September this year. Do check the details here. Don't forget to inform all of your friends and family members about this outrageous sales too!!!

Thanks to all of you out there for supporting us, we have decided to create a loyalty points system where every RM2 that you spent here will entitle you with 1 loyalty point (LP).  Do take note as this LPs does not include postage fees. Please read the following terms and conditions for more details on the system.

  1. This system only applies to MEMBERS OF FABULOSITY OF EARTH. To those that haven't join as member, do join us now!!!
  2. Every RM2 spent will entitle 1 Loyalty Point (LP). This does not include postage fees.
  3. LPs MUST be redeemed within 1 YEAR TIME or else will return to 0. 
  4. Those that have made redemptions but still have LPs can be brought forward to the next cycle of LP collection. So, if you want it to be carried forward, please make your redeem as soon as possible!!
  5. Items of redemption can be any products from our website. To redeem the item, please follow this simple rule: RM1 = 100 LP. For example, you want to purchase a pair of shoes worth RM40.00, thus you should have 4,000 LP to redeem this item.
  6. All redemption items will be bore by us, so NO POSTAL FEE!!!
  7. To redeem, simply send us an email with title of email written as "REDEMPTION ITEM" and follow this format:
  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Product code(s)
  • Product's colour
  • Quantity
  • Price(s) of product(s)
  • Size(s) -- for shoes
So what are you waiting for? Start collecting your LP now and redeem great items!!!

Have a nice day everyone~


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