Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coming soon~

Hi again!

We hope that all of you loved our previous handbags and clothings line. Apart from all of these, we still want to give so much to all of you supporters out there! Thanks yeah for the support again!! XOXO

We will present to you our latest products -- Missha! Yipee~ This brand is actually from Korea and the most popular product by Missha is BB CREAM. Believe me. It's unbelievable and affordable too :)

The pictures and details of products will be put up soon. So, do watch out for it. We will publish it probably at the end of this month ;) As usual, the items are on PRE-ORDER BASIS. Hope you will inform your friends regarding this great news, yeah.

Thanks again and hope you will enjoy shopping with us here at Fabulosity on Earth. Cheers~

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