Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pre-order handbags is coming soon~

Hi again!!!

Today is the last day for the year of 2009. And, we hope that all of you do enjoy your Christmas holidays =) We also hope you do love our 1st clothing line (eventhough it's less but let we assure you that we will definitely put up more fashionable clothes for 2010).

Since we are entering the new year, let we inform you that the pre-order items are coming soon in Jan/Feb 2010. So, do watch out our new items ;) By the way, the items are H.A.N.D.B.A.G.S. All are fashionable and sell at reasonable (not to forget, CHEAP) prices. Plus, the pre-order items will be given 10% discount (on total of the purchase) for the month of January only. So, check out the items now before the offer is over.

That's all from us now. Hope you will continue to shop with us ^^

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